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Welcome! I am Kirk Walden, a Christian author and speaker. After 30+ years of working with churches and ministries, I’m gaining a new perspective on faith and life. 

And I believe if we want to influence this world, we need to rethink everything. Like church. Like leadership. Like how we reach others.

This rethinking idea has me on a fascinating journey. So grab a cup of coffee. Join me anytime. Let’s look at how we might rethink–and influence this world around us. 


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A Letter to You

After decades of working in and with Christian ministries (well, I still do), I’m revisiting a ton of faith issues.

It’s odd that I’m doing this, the rethinking thing.

Speaker Kirk Walden
Speaker Kirk Walden – Laura Lambert Photography

Honestly, I should be the guy who sticks with what’s always worked, doesn’t rock the boat. Because if there was a poster child for “full time Christian ministry,” it’s me.

I’ve served in churches. Led a ministry for ten years. Coached and consulted ministry CEOs, board members and fundraising staff.

Oh, and I’ve spoken at hundreds of ministry events, helping them raise . . . a lot of funds.

So, what am I “rethinking?” And why?

The truth: I believe people of faith have an opportunity to influence this culture in a way we haven’t seen since the first days of Christianity.

Yes. I really do.

But to get there, we need to rethink what we’re doing, and how we’re doing it. I believe that, too.

Those first followers had a simple faith. We need to get back to that. So, I’m “Rethinking Church.”

And, they engaged their culture so well, the people of the day were coming to them in droves, saying, “I want to follow, too.” We can do that again today, if we “Rethink Evangelism.”

Another thing? They were nimble–making changes in structure and leadership on the fly when needed. If we “Rethink Leadership,” we’ve got a chance to do the same thing.

My hope? You’ll stop by here often and join me. And, I want to connect with you. Subscribe. Drop me an email (kirk@1stfaith.com). Believe me, I mean it. Your thoughts matter to me.

So that’s me. 

Thanks for coming by. Drop in anytime. The coffee is warm.

Speaker and Author Kirk Walden