Kirk Walden, Author and Speaker
Kirk Walden, Tim West Photography

Welcome Home to the Faith Revolution

Welcome! Thank you for joining my home on the web. After 30+ years as a Christian author and speaker–working with churches and ministries—I’m adding a new endeavor: a mission to help anyone–perhaps you?–find, simplify and multiply your faith.

On this page, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a long-time follower, or just exploring faith for the first time. The faith revolution is for anyone. 

Let’s find our faith from a fresh perspective. Then, let’s get rid of all the complicated stuff and make it simple again–just like it was in the first days of Christianity. And finally? Let’s use our faith to influence others so that they tell us, “I want what you’ve got. Tell me more.”

Make yourself at home, as we roll out podcasts, blog posts and more. Stay connected by subscribing and give me your thoughts anytime. 

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